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Effective Maintenance – Steer Clear of Repairs

N-Tune Automotive has been Durham, NC’s preferred auto maintenance and repair shop since 1999. Our name says it all. We keep Durham vehicles in tune in every way. Everyone needs a good, quality mechanic on speed dial, even us. That’s why we’re glad we know a few. The goal is not to fix all of Durham’s expensive auto repairs, but rather to keep you driving on the road and out of our garage. Bring your vehicle to us for all of your maintenance needs and we’ll show you exactly how we keep you in gear, and not parked on the side of the road. Timely and consistent maintenance services are the key to your engine’s long road-life. We can put you on a maintenance schedule that’s specially designed for you and your vehicle. Oil and filter changes, lube services, tire rotations and much more, are some of the maintenance that we provide. We actually like our customers to avoid repairs altogether if and when they can.

Fixing it Right the First Time

Even if you have the most diligent maintenance schedule and you’re the most cautious driver, you may still need a repair. After all, you may not even be the vehicle’s original driver. So N-Tune Automotive in Durham, NC understands that vehicle repairs are just something we have to do. We are a full-service repair shop with ASE Certified Technicians that can fix whatever problems you have with your vehicle. From minor to major repairs, you no longer need to wonder who can fix your specific problem. With the utmost confidence, and a stellar reputation supporting us, we tell our customers that we’re Durham’s best option for auto repairs. We start with our thorough and correct diagnosis, using the industry’s most advanced tools and equipment. Many inexperienced shops start customers off in the wrong direction with an incorrect diagnosis, which ultimately doesn’t fix the problem. We know you don’t have that kind of time and money to waste.

Durham’s Auto Repair Specialists Are All N-Tune!

Most drivers can get in their cars and they can tell right away something’s not right. It’s inevitable if you’ve been driving the same vehicle for a while. But recognizing that something is wrong is not good enough. If your brakes are starting to make a squealing noise, or a grinding sound, just bring them into us. We can take a look, fix you right up and have you back on your way. Maybe you noticed your car starting to drift to the left or right, when driving down the freeway. We can align your wheels so you’re driving a straight path and wearing the tread on your tires evenly. If you have any major diesel or gas engine repair or transmission repair, stop here first! We won’t perform any unnecessary repairs that never address your vehicle’s issue. N-Tune Automotive in Durham, NC gets your repairs right the first time. Stop by to see us today, because we welcome walk-ins. We make scheduling an appointment online quick and easy for your convenience, or you can just give us a call!

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