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Transmission Maintenance Service

Transmission problems are often a result of your neglected routine maintenance. Transmission fluids need to be changed in a timely manner, because when they’re not, the excess heat from excess mileage will cause accelerated wear, and even breakdowns. N-Tune Automotive’s transmission service will allow you to avoid any potential failures. We can perform transmission flush services to ensure your transmission continues to run smoothly and extend the life of your vehicle. We are anxious to save you more time and money with our expert transmission maintenance and repairs.

Affordable Alternative to the Dealership

Many drivers assume that the dealership is the best place for all their services, no matter what. That may be true while your vehicle is still under warranty, but with everything else being equal, we are definitely a better option. With our technicians, you don’t lose anything by way of skill and expertise. We can drain transmission and torque converters, and refill automatic transmission fluids. It’s vital that your transmission is properly lubricated and cooled by quality transmission specialists.

Transmission Repair Experts

Many of us fashion ourselves as “gear-heads” or automotive enthusiasts. When it comes to more complex services like transmission repairs, you’d just assume leave it to the professionals. The transmission is a complex system of gears. In order to determine the speed that your vehicle is traveling the gears need to send power to the engine. Your transmission will use this power from the engine to generate high torque at low speeds. Automatic transmissions are the most common vehicle transmission system. They don’t use a clutch like a manual transmission, but they use a torque converter to control the gear switching when driving. The transmission service for your vehicle, manual or automatic, is definitely something you’ll want to leave to the specialists at N-Tune Automotive in Durham, NC.


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